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Description of the area
The Sangro-Aventino Limited Consortium Company is located in the Abruzzo region, in South Italy. It covers an area of 1,870 sqkms between the Adriatic sea coast and the Majella mountain. The area includes 59 municipalities (46 in the procince of Chieti and 13 in the province of L’Aquila) and the population is 132.000 inhabitants. Parts of the area are included in two natural parks: the Abruzzo National Park and the Majella Moutain National Park.
Unemployment rate (ratio between people without job and active people) is 13.1% in the Sangro-Aventino valley and sea cost and it rises to 22.4% in the rural and mountainous area.

The Sangro-Aventino Ltd is a Public Law Company (Ministerial Decree 320/2000) with a public majority of shares which works as a local development agency. The public shareholders are the Provinces of Chieti and L’Aquila, the Association of the local bodies of this area, the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti, etc.; the private shareholders are donor associations, institutions of credit, other associations, etc.
The local partnership is a way to organize the dialogue and make decisions at the local level and to improve the governance of the territory on matters affecting development.
It includes all stakeholders of the area, in order to take collective responsibility and to reduce the “conflict level” between the parties. It also represents the place for analysis, for defining objectives and for designing new intervention strategies.

It started its activities in 1998 in the framework of the European Territorial Pacts Programme. The agency aims to support the growth of area’s competitiveness respecting the environment and the social cohesion.

Main Fields of Activities
The most important initiatives implemented are:

• increasing the value of the local resources and potentialities;
• improving the know-how and the competences as concerns the competitiveness of the territory;
• developing the production and tertiary system;
• rationalizing and renovating the infrastructure system;
• stimulating innovative processes and improving the efficiency of the Public Administration;
• developing new entrepreneurial activities and attracting new investments.

Local Action Plan (2007-2013)
The Agency has encouraged the establishment of a Local Action Plan (2007-2013) organized in 5 axes:
• The local production system. The local production system is the complex economic activities conducted by firms operating in various sectors (agriculture, handicrafts, industry, tourism, etc.). Includes interventions vertical industry initiatives related horizontal (innovative financial instruments, research, services, etc. .).

• The cultural and natural heritage. This category includes both the natural resources that make up the natural heritage (relieves, subsoil, soil, flora and fauna, water, air) and historical artifacts. These would be the intangible resources which underlie the cultural identity of the territory or more precisely, a set of values generally shared by the people living there.
• The human resources. Human capital of a territory is made by the individuals who work there, and is a source of great strategic importance; it is, perhaps, one of the most fragile resources, being subject to continual changes, evolutionary dynamics and phenomena.

• The improvement of competition. This concerns the integrated actions brought into play in order to increase the competitiveness of an area, impacting not only the allocation of hard and soft infrastructure, but also the improvement of public administration and heightening of quality of life (social services and proximity).

• Administration and realization of the projects. Concerns promotion and management of complex programs and projects designed for the implementation of specific programming tools. Within each of these issues, the agency has promoted various types of action.

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