The area

The Sangro Aventino area is located in the southeast of Abruzzo region (central Italy), it covers 1,809 sq km with two main rivers Sangro and Aventino. From the administrative point of view it includes two provinces, 59 municipalities and three mountain communities.

 Le caratteristice territoriali

Sangro Aventino
Number of municipalities T
Total population (30th Jun 2012) 134.738
surface sq/kilometers 1.809
density inhabitant/kilometers 74
Province of Chieti
Number of municipalities 104
Total population (30th Jun 2012) 387.911
surface sq/kilometers 2.588
density inhabitant/kilometers  150
Abruzzo Region
Number of municipalities  305
Total population (30th Jun 2012)  1.344.954
surface sq/kilometers 10.795 
density inhabitant/kilometers 125