Services to the territory

The development of information technologies, and their cost now accessible, has gradually expanded the potential use of alpha numeric data and Geographical Information System (GIS) which is, today, an essential tool for land management and the provision of services.
The availability of georeferenced spatial data enables to manage, process and disseminate geo-referenced information, directly or indirectly, related to the area with the activation of new services for the public administration.
The Geographic Information System is the product of the intersection of several databases, including Land register data, city planning legislation, the local tax registry and their databases. 
The system allows to achieve a unique database containing all the information relating to:
- Individual property;
- Individual citizen.

The applications could be used for:
- Management of Urban Construction Plan and the One-stop shop;
- Strategic Environmental Assessment and Territorial Environmental Report;
- Local Taxation.
The Geographic Information System, in its technical meaning and methodology, developed by the Association of Local Authorities of the Sangro Aventino, supports the municipalities for implementaing new policies of local taxation with the objective of maximum overlap between the administered object and  the taxed object.
The project bynow covered about 83,64% of population and about 74.25% of the territory of the Sangro Aventino area.

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