Since 2008, was starting the Automotive Innovation Programme which planning integration between companies, universities, research centers, schools and public agencies.
The program is carried out through the organisation of the production supply chain (via the Innovation Automotive Pole and the Campus) and the training sector (via ITS and the Technical Vocational Pole). The general objective of the Programme is to develop an automotive system for light commercial and professional vehicles (two/four-wheel), able to strengthen the supply chain to improve competitiveness in terms of: 

- Products innovation;
- Innovation system;
- Flexibility of product and manufacturing processes;
- Quality products.


Why Automotive

The automotive firms chain in Abruzzo Region consists of a group of globalized firms, both IMs and SMEs (SEVEL-FIAT, HONDA-CISI, Denso, Pilkington, Dayco, Honeywell, Pierburg, Tyco, IMM, TECNOMATIC, PICCHIO, GRUPPO OMA, MERKER, WALTER TOSTO etc.) operating in the automotive and mechanics sector' s. In economic terms, the automotive business system employs some 25 to 30,000 employees, only in province of Chieti, and it represents between 7 and 8 billion euros of turnover: about 40% is exported. 

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