Trasnational cooperation

The European 2020 Strategy has outlined a framework of market economy and social policy for the next decade, based on three priority areas interlocking and mutually reinforcing:
- Smart growth (developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation);
- Sustainable growth (promoting a more efficient use of resource, greener and more competitive economy);
- Inclusive growth (fostering a high-employment, which promotes economic, social and territorial grouth).

The Committee of the Regions of the European Union reiterated the importance of the strategy in partnership between the different levels of government, conducted through the instrument of "territorial pacts", able to confer to it a territorial dimension. The consolidation of relations between Italy and the Balkan countries and the collaboration with some Asian countries represented the priorities of the Italian foreign policy and economic investment attraction and penetration of new markets.

In this context, the project was born "Experimental Actions Development and Internationalisation" (ASSI), funded by the Ministry of Economic Development - Department for Development and Cohesion. The Soc. Sangro Aventino and the Soc. SIL Central Apennines to r.l. were identified for transfering good practices to the  countries partner. The project aimed at implementing experimental measures for the detection of prototype models for international cooperation at sub-regional level. Through collaborations with partership, territories and regions the project intends to facilitate the integration and cooperation for the exchange of best practices and experiences in the field. The target areas identified for the Balkans, are approximately in Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, while for Asia, contacts were established with specific regions of China and other neighboring countries.
The actions for good practices transfering activated directly by the Agency of the Sangro Aventino, already in operation, refer to the following target countries and related areas:

  • Business services (information and administrative activities)
  • Municipalities of Berxhull, Kashar, Preze and Vore
  • Integrated Local Programming; 
  • Skrapar area of ​​the municipalities of Bogove, Cepan, Corovode, Qender;- Geographic Information System for the preparation of the Urban Plan
  • City of Manez;


  • Business services (information and administrative activities)
  • City of Mostar;
  • Collaboration between the Abruzzo Region and the Region / County of Dubrovnik
  • Neretva for connections between their ports by referring to the Automotive Program and the associated logistics.
  • Activate partnerships in tourism in the coastal zone (including the step of construction of the structures) and in logistics.
Protocol of Cooperation between the group of vehicles Zastava Kragujevac and the Pole of innovation in the automotive industry, research and EU projects.
It provides the opportunity to support the establishment of new programs / projects under the newly-formed Adriatic-Ionian Macro Region.