The Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2010 among Local bodies (Province of Chieti, Chamber of Commerce of Chieti, Soc. Sangro Aventino, Soc. Trigno Sinello, Confindustria, Confesercenti, Confcommercio, Sangritana etc.) has produced the "Feasibility Study" to create the "Tourism district of Trabocchi coastline". The study involved 76 municipalities of the Province of Chieti, but the initiative is proposed to involve the entire territory of the Abruzzo region and the neighboring regions.
The general objective of the study is to develop the current incoming system to enhance the attractiveness of the area.

The challenge is to "organize" and "communicate" in an innovative way the heritage resources of the area, making them more appealing as a tourism destination. The area should be perceived and benefit by tourists as an "integrated system", which means to transform resources into tourism products in an excellent system of hospitality able to attract and stimulate visitors emotions.
The main topics are:
• The territory should be put in the "front" not in the "background"
• To diversify, qualify, integrate traditional products (sea, hystorical centers etc.)
• Increase the range of products offered through the creation of new products and services: Ecotourism and active holiday (hiking, cycling, horseback riding, fishing), Fine Dining, Historical tourism and cultural-religious and Sports
• Experimenting with innovative ideas and find new targets

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Since November 2012, Eni started the design of the DMC (Destination Management Company) "Terre del Sangro Aventino", with the active involvement of public and private operators, to better organize the destination sites.