brief history

In 1998 was started the European Territorial Pact in the Sangro Aventino area, following a path of integrated design system the Pact main goal was to put toghether the specific characteristics and potentiality of the area and the knowledge and skills of local actors for achieving effective cooperation development. The Pact principles:
- the improvement of territorial competitiveness (context) creates favorable conditions for development
  which is is essential for the transition from dependence to the responsible protagonism
- it is crucial to increase the administrative capacity
- strong synergy political - institutional
- strong cooperation among employers' organizations and trade unions, local banks, associations and schools.

In 1998, the Local Action Plan was design.
The LAP is the Strategic Plan (Planning Area) implemented through closely inter-connected actions based on the following key ideas:
- inhancement of tourism through improvement of environmental, cultural and religious resources and typification of some local agro-food productions
- development of active tissue of small and medium-sized enterprises with a focus on product innovation and process innovation, stimulating the supply chain relationships
- promotion of new services for businesses, individuals, local communities, environmental preservetion and in general for all new employment opportunities which can be suiteble for the area

Also in 1998, was started through an institutional agreement, the Association of Local Authorities of the Sangro Aventino composed of 59 municipalities, 4 mountain communities of the area for managing new functions and municipal associated services.