About us


Founded in 1998, it is a company with a public majority of shares (above 70%). The public shareholders are the Provinces of Chieti and L`Aquila (in Abruzzo Region), the Association of the local bodies and Municipalities of the area, the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti, and others.; the private shareholders are donor associations, institutions of credit, other associations. The company is a permanent agency for the development of the territory, which creates a network between the local operators, and operates as interlocutor with the regional and national government and the E.U.

The Company is a development agency that has as its object the institutional promotion of social, economic and employment in sub-regional framework. The Company in the pursuit and realization of the corporate institutions, takes in all respects the roles, tasks, duties and responsibilities of the person vested with public interest activities, non-profit organization. It is a partnership between organizations, so it is not a new body, and has a technical function and acts as an intermediary body of plans, programs, projects and grants in the forms of assistance provided by the European Community legislation, national and regional.

Shareholder of the Agency is the Association of Local Authorities of the Sangro Aventino.
The Association, founded in 1998, is composed of 60 municipalities and 3 mountain communities and is governed by an agreement between authorities (art. 30 TUEL). Lead organization is the City of Atessa. Its purpose is associated with the exercise of functions and communal services (an example is the One Stop Shop for Productive Activities).