General overview of the area

The territory of the Sangro Aventine is characterized, according to a prevalent custom in the Abruzzo region, the presence of industrial/productive areas along the main communication lines in the valley (Sangro and Aventino valley)  (Highway exit-A14 Lanciano Lanciano-Fossacesia). These communication lines also mark a "specialization" of areas: those with a strong industrial agglomerations are present in the Sangro valley, while areas characterized by artisan -commercial vocation and other services are prevalent in the urban area of Lanciano.
In inland areas, as well as the presence of some industrial areas (e.g. Casoli for subcontracting and Fara San Martino for the industries of pasta), there are industrial areas managed by municipalities where, in some cases, there are small businesses, in others cases, there are infrastructured areas but not yet settled with businesses.

The map showing the main communication lines and industrial-productives areas

Aree produttive Sangro Aventino